Honorary Fellows

In recognition of their life-long and significant contributions made to the achievements and objectives of EIASM, and for great distinction as scholars in the field of Management Sciences, a number of distinguished and highly reputable persons have been awarded the title of EIASM Honorary Fellow.

  • Professor Horst ALBACH
  • Professor Igor ANSOFF  (†) 
  • Professor Alain BENSOUSSAN
  • Professor Alfred CHANDLER  (†)
  • Professor Richard M. CYERT  (†)
  • Professor Barbara CZARNIAWSKA
  • Professor Jacques DREZE
  • Professor Per-Jonas ELIAESON
  • Professor Eugene FAMA
  • Professor Jaakko HONKO  (†)
  • Professor Anthony HOPWOOD  (†)
  • Professor Christer KARLSSON
  • Professor Henry MINTZBERG
  • Professor Bertil NÄSLUND  (†)
  • Professor Alexander RINNOOY KAN
  • Professor Richard ROLL
  • Professor Alvin SILK
  • Professor Pierre TABATONI  (†)