Mission Statement

EIASM: Fostering Excellence in Responsible Research & Doctoral Education

in Management and Governance.

European in origin, global in outlook!



Our History

Since our foundation in 1971, the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) has dedicated itself to raising the profile of European Management Research with respect to other established scientific disciplines, as well as the business world. We are European in origin, whilst being global in our outlook! For 50 years EIASM has been the European Network of Networks for Researchers and Doctoral Students in Management and Governance. The member associations supported by EIASM facilitate access to leading management scientists within and beyond Europe. Currently there are more than 70,000 management scientist members of EIASM, the ‘network of networks’. The EIASM Academic Council currently includes 70 leading Universities and Business Schools worldwide. EIASM currently provides support services and premises in Brussels for eight leading European academic associations.


Mission Statement

EIASM's mission is to foster and support innovative, rigorous, responsible and impactful research in management, governance and related disciplines.



EIASM seeks to:

  1. strengthen management and governance research to deliver societal impact,
  2. stimulate the interaction between scholars and scholarly associations,
  3. encourage and facilitate the initiation and co-ordination of joint scientific research in management and governance, led by outstanding researchers,
  4. enhance the quality of doctoral student education in the broad fields of management and governance by providing students with the tools to do their research.


In order to fulfil this mission EIASM:

  • develops and sustains collaborative networks of management and governance scholars and scholarly associations,
  • hosts conferences, seminars and workshops on state-of-the-art scientific and impactful research,
  • offers doctoral seminars and other activities to strengthen the education of a new generation of governance and management scholars, creating a community of practice.