In 2021, EIASM is celebrating its 50th year!

Submitted by jerome.chabann… on Tue, 04/13/2021 - 06:52
spring 50

The raison d'être of EIASM has always been to bring together cross-disciplinary researchers
in management and governance, to ensure the creation of a strong research
community of scholars through human interaction and networking.


The world has changed, changed utterly – and at EIASM we have had to be proactive to
adapt and redefine our scholarly activities and adjust to new ways of thinking about
academic workspace, work time and scholarly engagement. In this regard,
EIASM Board in collaboration with our Academic Council members
are currently reviewing our mission statement in light of this changed world.
We will ensure that our scholarly engagement remains relevant for our communities of
scholars which is essential, now more than ever, during this time of remote operations.


We are doing everything possible to maintain and grow our existing networks
through virtual delivery of our workshops, seminars and conferences.
We are continuing to foster and support high quality impactful research and
doctoral studies through our academic networks and through new actions for
doctoral students and early career scholars. This is possible through the continued
engagement of our community of senior scholars, to whom we are most grateful.


A new Spring is coming!